• 1 September 2012

Project Description

Boletus is a mushroom identification app. It's very easy to use for both experts and novices. It can also store the localization where you find a mushroom, so you can get there back. When you find an unknown mushroom in the nature, Boletus will ask different questions about the mushroom found -foot color, cap shape, existence of a ring, etc-. After that, it will show a list of mushrooms that match your answers, presenting the mushroom name, its description, photos and more.

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  • Skills:

    • Javascript
    • Backbone
    • Android
    • Phonegap
    • php
  • Client Testimonials:

    "The best mushroom app for Android", Daniel González on Google Play
  • "This was fast and easy to use and quickly allowed me to identify a mushroom growing at our camp site", Elena on Itunnes